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            • 設計技術

              The exquisite designing technology

              精細化的設計,是良好品質的保證。技術開發采用CAD/CAM/CAPP和三維實體建模技術,產品數據管理采用了美國EDS公司IMAN下的管理系統,計算機采用美國EDS公司UG II開發軟件。先進的計算機應用和高水平的數模裝配協調技術,具備了中高等級車身模具開發協調能力。

              The fine design provides the firm assurance for the excellent characters of our products. The technical development adopts CAD/CAM/CAPP and 3D solid modeling technology. The product data administration adopted the administration system under IMAN developed by American EDS ompany and the computer adopted American EDS Company's UG II development software. The advanced computer application and high-level technology of cooperation and data modeling assembly have the cooperation capacity of exploiting the body die of auto independently.